Nativity Beer Run 2021

Nativity Beer Run 2021

Gomshall Station to Guildford

Saturday 4th December


Please check back closer to the date in case there are any changes.  The route might be tweaked and any maps on this page refer to 2018’s event.

This year’s nativity run will be an A-to-B hash from Gomshall Station back into Guildford.  This means you need to carry everything you want for the day with you.  The route will be ~11 miles and take in a handful of pubs. Expect to finish in the dark.  As ever, fancy dress is encouraged, with the theme being ‘last kid picked for the school play’. So grab your dressing gown and a tea towel.

Please print your own maps for navigation.  The route may have been marked in flour the day before but don’t rely on this. A zip folder containing the map images and a gpx file of the route can be downloaded from here (~1.2 MB).

A Google map of the route is available here for those who prefer that kind of thing.

This event is also welcome to all non hashers / walkers/ runners.

The day will attempt to follow something along the lines of the format below.  (Knowing the Hash, this will go awry after the first pub stop. – CG)

  • ~11:35 – Gomshall Station car park for group photo & briefing.
    • Suggest arrive on 11:30 train (leaves Guildford 11:13).
  • 11:45 – drink stop in Gomshall for the first drink of the day.
  • 12:55 – William Bray, Shere.
    • There is a short cut to Shere, which avoids both railway crossings, for walkers who can read the map or who are familiar with the trails around Shere.  Alternatively, there is an obvious short cut from the railway crossing at Shere Heath direct to The William IV, Little London (bypassing Shere), if desired.
  • 13:45 – William IV, Little London.
  • 15:30 – Wally’s favourite, the Drummond Arms in Albury
  • 16:30 – Percy Arms, Chilworth – bail out point #1
  • 18:15 – Queen Victoria, Shalford – bail out point #2
  • 19:30 – Finsh at Ye Olde Ship Inn, Portsmouth Road, Guildford
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