Pod Hashing

Run 1857 – Honey – Monday 12th April 19:00

Location:  Albury Village Hall Car Park

Click here for a map


W3W: canny.forces.meals

Please use the links below to register – no more than 10 people per pod x 4 pods.   Please read the guidance below before attending

For those hashers who do not pay by standing order and if this is not your first hash:

Payment may be made by bank transfer to “Guildford H3” account 81495440 sort code 09-01-28,

PayPay to “guildfordhash@gmail.com”  or by exact amount in cash

How will it work?

  • There will be 4 pods of 10 people (i.e. limited to 40 hashers), arranged roughly by self-selected pace (e.g. Faster vs slower).  People who are car sharing should book into the same pod to avoid waiting around in the car park.
  • Your place in a pod must be pre-booked during the week before the run.
  • Each pod will have a start time 10 minutes apart, fastest pod first
  • You can only run/interact with other members of your pod whilst in the car park/on the run. Pods should not overtake/mix whilst on trail.
  • Once you have finished your run you will leave the car park
  • There will be no opening or closing circles
  • Each week we will need a hare and a pod coordinator (who will make sure people are in the right pods and act as checking chicken)
  • Run details will only be sent out by email – they will not be on Facebook or the GH3 site.

On the night

  • The first pod will contain the hare in case the trail has been sabotaged
  • The pods will set off at 7.00 (Faster folks), 7.10 & 7.20 & 7.30 (walkers/slower runners).
  • People within the pods should keep 2 metres apart
  • Only the last pod will kick through the checks.  The pod coordinator/checking chicken in this pod will also top up any marks that have deteriorated.
  • There should be no interaction between pods either in the car park or on the trail.
  • If your pod begins to catch up with the one in front then stop to give them time
  • Once you’re back in the car park leave as soon as possible.  For this system to continue, we need to ensure we minimise the number of hashers in the car park at any one time.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not feel obliged to take part.  Everyone has a level of risk that they’re happy with.
  • Do not take part if you are ill, should be isolating, or otherwise think you might have COVID.
  • Do not turn up if you have not booked into a pod beforehand
  • Don’t interact with other pods either on the trail on in the car park
    • If your pod begins to catch up with the one in front then stop to give them time
  • Do maintain 2 metres social distance within your pod and with other trail users
  • Do try to minimise your time waiting for your pod to start.  If you are running at 7.10 you don’t need to be in the car park at 7.00.  If the pod before yours hasn’t set off, please stay in your car until they have.
  • Do not linger in the car park at the end of the run
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