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I hope this is ok to share? please delete if it breaks any admin rules.


Lee Kemp
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Burns Night Supper - We're in the process of comparing the lists of who's requested a place and who's paid. We won't be accepting money on the night, so if you haven't transferred the money yet and you'd like to eat please do so asap.

If there's a reason you're unable to do an electronic transfer please get in touch with Bugs, Doggy Style, or myself and we'll see what we can do.
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Fancy hashing around Regent's Park* this Sunday? I'll be running with Catch the Hare from the Bree Louise (goo.gl/maps/ofVJyAzKLJU2) from 3-ish.

The pub: the Bree Louise is facing closure due to HS2, but whilst it's still open it offers 17 ales and 11 cider/perries.

The Catch concept: a hare is chosen at random and given a head start to lay a trail we can follow. If you Catch the Hare, you're now the hare - you decide where the trail goes. If you're the hare 45 mins after the run started, head back to the pub or wait to be caught.

*it's an unplanned live hare hash, we may not actually get to the park
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Run: #1717
Hare: Little Pecker
Location: Alfold Bars
On Inn: Sir Roger Titchbourne

As I drove past Shackleton, Scott and Admunsen on the way to this weeks hash I wondered about whether GH3 were preserving the Victorian spirit of adventure. Shackleton’s advert for his 1914 expedition reads:

“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.”

Seemed to fit with some of my recollections of past runs…

Anyway, I turned up early so I could enjoy the spectacle of Specky parking which is really something not to be missed. After that I got to spend some time pondering who the hell Roger Titchbourne was and why he deserved to be knighted. Turns out that sends us back to Victorian times too and was a cause célèbre back then for a while. The affair revolving around an heir lost at sea and an Australian butcher who later claimed to be him.

This week we had been invited by the former impeached GM to come down to what he definitely hadn’t described as a shit-hole. The hare-brained hare had come dressed as a hare and kindly let us know that there were neither back-checks or false trails and pretty much gave away where the run was likely to go by informing us that we could nip in to The Onslow Arms half-way round (which if you’ve been past it you’d know is on the canal).

So, off we went along the Sussex border path (not before braving near certain death along the road), then switched to the Wey South path. The Wey South path, unsurprisingly heads south and this gave a wonderful view of the constellation of Orion, the Hunter. If you looked really closely you could see the attack ships on fire off his shoulder*.

If you followed the line of his belt down and to the left there was also an excellent view of the ‘Dog Star’, Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.

Apparently, John McEnroe gave his son a gift of a star which he could name whatever he liked for his birthday. There was one restriction which was “it couldn’t be Sirius”.

Er, where was I? Ah, the Wey and Arun canal with it’s newly created locks and bridges. Fantastic - except when your doing a hash which is supposed to confound and confuse the hash… and when it’s been raining heavily… and it’s only 19m above sea-level.

Some of us have concluded though that the Golden Snorkel is still pretty safe with Lite Bite ‘cos his run also had the dual excitement of losing most of the pack and Birth getting bitten by Suarez.

Dr. P risked falling into the canal after we worked out that the locks weren’t child-proof this week. Kelinchi had taken her place as FRB. This might possibly be explained away by her still looking for her missing trainers.

Sadly at the half-way point we found we were a day early for Ukulele night, we did a hell of a lot better than Drift who we later found out was a week early for Burn’s night.

On the way back the trail was slightly complicated by an undecided arrow which neither pointed one way nor t’other. Satisfaction Guaranteed compounded the problem with supposed local knowledge suggesting she had a fair idea that the wrong route - which continued heading South - was sure to take us back to the small track just opposite the On Inn.

The slow return gave time for the outgoing Scribe to query the current Scribe as possible themes for the evening’s write-up. This was cleverly side-stepped by informing him that the current write-ups were a formless avant-garde affair in a sort of gonzo-style (i.e. written by a muppet).

Interestingly towards the end of the run the sky began clouding over. Possibly a sign of the sudden stratospheric warming that had been prophesied to influence the weather for the next few weeks. This then disappeared by the time of the circle which presumably gives some idea of the difficulty of weather forecasting.

The circle was delayed because the hare seemed to have been rather too fond of the beer-stop, but once it got going it was a jolly affair which singled out the following people:

* Wally - for actually being in the circle and available to be picked as a sinner.
* Steiner - wearing slippers.
* Specky - for stealing the scribe’s spare torch.
* Poola - incorrect footwear.
* Little Pecker - something about Bunny holes, disturbing as he was dressed as a rabbit.

Overall a wet southerly affair with a most wonderful On-Inn. When the Wey and Arun canal goes all the way up to Bramley it’ll be within easy reach for more GH3 runs.

On On!


* This is a quote from a film.
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Does anyone fancy getting a group together to go the Hellfire Comedy Club Night at G Live? It is held once a month on Thursdays and tickets cost £32.50 (includes a curry, ice-cold beer, wine or soft drink and the comedy show).The next few dates are 25 Jan, 22 Feb, 29 March, 26 Apr and 17 May. Doors open at 6.30 and show starts at 8pm? Kelinchi ... See MoreSee Less

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HASH LOTTERY We had hoped to bring you some financial cheer for the new year as an antidote to the banking crisis, quantative easing, austerity and the impeding Brexit fall-out. Regretfully no such luck! 'The Management' started the year by adopting the riskier strategy of buying only Lotto tickets (in the past years we have bought a mixture of Lotto and Thunderball tickets). The first third of the year started encouragingly with a reasonable return of stake money. The rest of the year was dismal. The most important thing is to have faith (this bit comes from Lyn!) and therefore if you part with a cheque for £44.50 we are pretty certain that our fortunes will change - therefore it would be extremely foolish for any of the 21 current participants to quit now. 'Winnings this year amounted to £160.
Cheque for £44.50 payable to L. C. Payne is required as soon as possible - bringing this along to Burns Night would be helpful. On ON
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As it is Burns Night on Monday – do you think we should warn the NHS? ... See MoreSee Less

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Guess who just arrived at the car park at Bright Hill ready for the Burns Night hash (complete with kilt)..... ... See MoreSee Less

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Tonight we crossed over the Surrey border....into the old hashing territory belonging to the Mole! ... See MoreSee Less

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Today is the last day to claim one of the 5 remaining places for the Burns Night supper.

If you've claimed a spot but haven't paid yet, remember to transfer your money ASAP to guarantee being fed.
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Hmm looks like the RA has been here! ... See MoreSee Less

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Run: #1716
Hare: Mind the Tracks
Location: Byfleet, Recreation Ground
On-Inn: Queens Head

For quarter of a century I've been abstaining from alcohol in January. Originally I took six weeks off as I'd read somewhere that this is what it took for the liver to regenerate. The internet didn't exist in quite the same way back then so presumably it was from black and white print, or maybe some bloke in the pub had heard it off his mother's sister who's friend was a nurse.

So, with the denial of the good-stuff in mind, it seemed appropriate that I was driving away from the area of outstanding national beauty that is the Surrey Hills, along the A3 and towards the M25.

For Chris Rea this part of the country was a muse for one of his songs -

"He wrote a note while in a car at an M25 intersection, on the outskirts of London, in 1988.

The lyrics are scribbled alongside details of an Indian takeaway, and a note to 'phone Brenda'."

- Original scrap of paper outlining the song: "Road to Hell"

Personally, this was the sort of location that makes me appreciate the special time I have putting my daughter to bed, and what I miss out on by going out on a Monday evening. However, MTT is the Beer-Meister and so some sort of respect is due (also, he lied about the run having beer stops on social media).

Tradition dictates that golden-boot nomination runs begin with the hare declaring that he won't be running with the pack. MTT was off to a strong start with his observance. Lost flour after fifty-six seconds sent a shiver through the spine of the other contenders.

However, it was not to be, after disturbing two teenagers making out in the near-by playground the whole affair went smoothly through the rubble, abandoned trolleys and rusting cans of special brew that were to define the urban scenery. Swapping pine needles for actual needles, mole hills for the little brown hills left by dogs and dropped twigs and scattered leaves for dropped bottles and scattered glass hashers proceeded through alleys rather than valleys. It was so bad Doggystyle was struggling to find a tree to cock-her leg.

Rhum's suggestion that nobody could do a hash from Byfleet was put to the test though when the trail opened up to trees and countryside. The mid-trail through country lanes and woodland paths was a breath of fresh air prior to the revelation that the M25 Christmas lights still hadn't been taken down. It was during the woodland part that we were treated to quantum hashing where the pack goes through along two trails simultaneously, proving GH3's uncertainty principle (i.e. you can know either where you are or where you are going, but never both).

Dr. P, living proof that vets must train for longer than doctors, balked when a sign suggested there were goats ahead.

It was against the setting of these missing goats that the short cut/long cut question was posed by MTT. At 3 miles in on a cold January evening, many chose the latter.

The trail, having recovered pretty well after it's first stumbling baby-steps, threw in one last golden possibility with arrows pointing two different ways just after the on-inn mark. Nobody admitted going along the out-trail again so it appears the golden-boot will be left on the stairs for another hash prince to pick up.

In the circle at the end the R.A. was delighted to hear a proposal put forward for Lady Garden be renamed Shitler, but seemed in a hurry to announce sinners.

These were:

* Simple for leaving his shoes on a hash and having to drive back 40 miles to get them.
* Kelinchi for leaving her shoes on a hash and finding they weren't there when she drove back to get them.
* ITB for showing his parking disability.
* Shitler for not bringing a torch.
* Where's Wally for not wearing red and white stripes.
* MTT for missing crystals.
* Dr. P for an incident with a 'child-proof' gate.

The on-inn sported a large menu which included home-killed meat.

Don't forget to notify Bugs or Camping Gaz about attending Burn's Night, I'm sure there were plenty of witnesses saw me hand over my ten pound note to secure my place!

On On!


...if you wish to take place in the Burns Night in-run whisky tasting you need to buy a decent bit of tipple, a couple of hip-flasks and secure a way of getting back home from the Albany, preferably a lift from someone who doesn't realise there's whisky tasting. Also, try to remember a few facts about the whisky you've brought - age, whether Speyside, island, highland or foreign knock-off, single-malt or distilled. No Bells, own-brand, bourbon, etc... allowed.
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Run: #1715
Hares: Daring Alice and Alison
Location: Albury Cricket Ground
On Inn: Not the Drummond

I worry about people who look happy about it being a new year. You know, the ones that are excited, looking forward to the possibilities of a virgin annum.

What was wrong with the old year?

Nowt! Not a thing.

It was just fine ’til eighteen reared it’s ugly head and pushed it out - desperate to get to the bar legally for the first time ever.

Anyway, most of Surrey had decided to visit the Albury Cricket ground on New Years Day. Presumably the glorious mud on offer is good for the skin or something. Lots of horses and walkers fancied a jaunt around the heath and (for once) didn't seem too offended by our presence.

Goldenballs had returned from the grave for the event. Two Dogs was neither a returnee nor a visitor. Slightly and Lotty were also in attendance as well as a number of the Von Track family. Doctor Pussy was in the middle of some sort of generic catastophy (it’s good to know some things don’t change) and was walking along with Under Developed (though at twice the speed).

The trail was sparsely floured and had more than a few back-checks and false trails which resulted in the the pack staying together pretty well.

There was a lot of shiggy, no angry horse owners (at least I didn’t meet any). The trail went on too long, presumably the hare being one of those bright eyed twenty-eighteeners, but that gave the pack a good chance to walk the night before off and enjoy the scenery.

The write-up might have been more detailed had somebody stood in for Hash-Flash or if the Scribe had taken notes. Let’s start as we mean to go on.

The year is over! Long live the new year!


P.S. In my haste to get to press. I forgot to mention Lady Garden, who I passed as I was driving to the On-Inn. As he'd turned up late, I hadn't realised he was participating in the hash and I assumed he was out on his own. A few other hashers passed him by until Doggystyle to her eternal shame picked him up and drove him back to the start. She really should know better than to interrupt a valuable life lesson by misplaced do-goodery. This is the guy that had people out looking for him on one hash when he'd quit early and gone to the pub, yet refused to answer his mobile when the search party were trying to contact him.
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There are only 7 places left for the Burns Night supper. If you want one and haven't already emailed Bugs and myself, do it quickly and then pay us!

Once all 50 spaces are full we will operate a reserve list in case anyone who has reserved one drops out before the 18th (or doesn't pay by the 15th).
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R#ns for 2018? ... See MoreSee Less

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If you've signed up for Burns Night and haven't transferred your money online, remember we're only accepting cash payments tonight and next Monday after the run.

60% of the places have now been reserved, so email Bugs & myself if you want a place and haven't already reserved one.
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A note for winter hares: if we get snow then think about colouring the flour. I always use non toxic powder paint and still have a tub or two that belong to GH3 - trust me white flour doesn’t work! Whippet-out (son) one year had to buy food colouring - he chose red (lots of it) needless to say we had police attendance in the car park it started from (Sainsbury’s farnham) as security had thought there had been a ‘violent incident’! ... See MoreSee Less

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Almost a third of the places for our Burns Night Supper have gone already!

Venue: The Albany, Sydenham Road, Guildford
Date: 22nd January
Time: 8.45pm for 9pm start (after Simple's run)
Cost: £10 (members) or £15 (non-members)
Menu: haggis or veggie haggis

To reserve a place:
1) Email Bugs Bunny (j.newcombe07@outlook.com) and cc me (gazmorris@gmail.com). If you want veggie haggis let us know in this email.
2) Transfer your money to the hash account (reference 'Burns') or pay in cash on 8th or 15th. If we don't have your money by 15th, we cannot guarantee your place.

Optional dress is anything tartan, but please leave your claymores at home.
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All set for Monday. M25 fast lane looks quite busy so don't forget your hi-vis ... See MoreSee Less

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~~ System test~~

The test email has been sent out from guildfordhash@gmail.com

If you haven't received it:
1) Check your junk/spam folder (or whatever else your provider calls it),
2) If you still can't find it, email the new address and we will add you to the mailing list if you're not already on it.

If you're using Hotmail/Outlook.com please see the previous post about adding us to your 'Safe Senders' list.
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GH3 has a new email account (guildfordhash@gmail.com ) and we will be sending out a test email later this week to check that people can receive it.

I am aware of issues with Hotmail/Outlook.com accounts in particular. If you have one of these accounts, add the new address to your Safe Senders list to make sure you receive future GH3 mailings. A step-by-step guide is available here: www.wikihow.com/Add-Approved-Senders-to-Hotmail
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Kilinchi has lost her trainers after today's hash...did anyone pick them up from Albury cricket club car park? ... See MoreSee Less

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New Year's Day Hash - 1100

The first and best run on 2018 continuing the tradition in Albury

Albury Cricket Ground on New Road


UK Grid: TQ05804704

OnOn: Drummond Arms

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Hi all GH3'ers,

Saturday 13th January 2018 SH3 Winter Walk on The South Downs

Walk starts at Amberley Station via the 09:55 train to Arundel (ticket cost £2.60 – machine on platform).

You need to book meals with our good value 2-course menu for £15 a head. (The Sportsman, Amberley)

Email: sh3winterwalk@yahoo.com if interested in joining.


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