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If you're thinking of joining us, you may not have long to decide - 25% of tickets have already gone! ... See MoreSee Less

WARNING - Already 25% of the tickets booked in only 10 days time - Don't wait too much and sign up for the Beer Lovers' Marathon 2018 !!! 😉😅

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Receding hareline.
Can you stand in or swap from a later Monday?
Not set a hash before? GH3 is very indulgent with virgin hares, so why not give it a go? All comments on trails are signs of affection anyway. For new or old hares, as well as October 2nd, there are just two Mondays in December left in 2017 for those who like to take advantage of setting a SHORTER TRAIL for a dark evening. Or Boxing Day daytime hash. Or book ahead into 2018 if you like.
Please note a) the Woking Beer Festival run on November 11th that Camping Gaz is jointly organising with Beer Lovers of Woking Jogging on Blacktop; b) LP's Nativity Run on Saturday December 9th.
Please let me know if any designated hare has a problem with her/his date below.
On On Otaho

1698 Sept 25th 2017 Honey, Albury Village Hall CP
1699 Oct 2nd 2017 ****************************HARE NEEDED
1700 Oct 9th 2017 Wurzel
1701 Oct 16th 2017 RHUM
1702 Sat Oct 21st 11:00am 2017 Drinkerbell / Ladygarden Oktoberfest Guildford Station
1703 Oct 23rd 2017 Bodyshop?
1704 Oct 30th 2017 Ladygarden, Halloween
1705 Nov 6th 2017 Poola Radcliffe
1706 Nov 11th 2017 Camping Gaz, BLOWJOB Woking Beer Festival
1707 Nov 13th 2017 Kelinchi
1708 Nov 20th 2017 OTAHO
1709 Nov 27th 2017 Inspector Gadget?
1710 Dec 4th 2017 ****************************HARE NEEDED
1711 Dec 9th 2017 Little Pecker Nativity run
1712 Dec 11th 2017 ****************************HARE NEEDED
1713 Dec 18th 2017 Ding-a-Ling Advent-ure
1714 Dec 26th? 2017 Boxing Day
1715 Jan 1st 2018 Daring Alice & Alison
1716 Jan 8th 2018
1717 Jan 15th 2018
1718 Jan 22nd 2018 Burns Night?
1719 Jan 29th 2018 Wipe Clean / Gnaw Dick
1720 Feb 5th 2018 Satisfaction Guaranteed?
1721 Feb 12th 2018
1722 Feb 19th 2018
1723 Feb 26th 2018
1724 Mar 5th 2018
1725 Mar 12th 2018
1726 Mar 19th 2018
1727 Mar 26th 2018
1728 Apr 5th 2018
1729 Apr 12th 2018
1730 Apr 19th 2018
1731 Apr 26th 2018
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www.facebook.com/groups/372309602786276/permalink/1713395462011010/ ... See MoreSee Less

Dange's new disguise as a glow worm www.glowworms.org.uk/

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Hi all. I thought I had booked the 30 oct for my hash (Halloween) and I have booked a venue and some nosh. I see that I have been moved to the 16th which is not Halloween. Could we swap Wipe Clean? RHUM ... See MoreSee Less

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Hogs Back brewery are harvesting their hops today and getting ready for their party tomorrow!
... See MoreSee Less

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Run: #1697
Hare: Drift
Location: Witley Station
On Inn: White Hart

Now Drinkerbell's back on her side of the pond we could return to normal. This was to be a proper hash for serious hashers.

No stupid clothes to wear. No drink stops requiring consumption of indeterminable liquids.

The new R.A. started by pretending to be a proper R.A..

The hash was to start at Witley Station which is to be found up the road from Witley in Wormley. This presumably has left more than a few people at their wit's end over the years.

There was no worming out of this serious hash though and everyone set of at pace - both the pace-makers and the ones with pace-makers.

Ed Boy had turned up to oversee the assembly. No Nookie and G-Force were back after a hiatus which Dr. P explained to me to be some sort of problem with the stomach muscles.

The first check showed just how serious this hash was going to be. After a minute or so of taking notes, I decided to check out one of the possible directions and found flour - this was strange I'd been pretty near the rear. About 30 seconds later the FRB who was checking called it. I'm not sure who it was, but to all appearances it looked like they'd delayed calling it to get ahead - serious hashing indeed!

At the second check I spotted another example of hashers being serious - Gnawdick, Lady Gargar and Dr. P (all FRB's by my reckoning) were checking out the trail together in group formation. Given the number of FRB's that turn up on a Monday this probably means the club needs to start recruiting some people who can run if we're going to get the trail finished within the hour.

By the third check the new R.A. proved not to be up to the task and the heavens opened. Also, the FRB's gave up calling.

Cynthia was so despondent she got confused and started to run up the hills and walk down.

Around the fifth check I'd actually taken it upon myself to start checking out the trail. I admit to a certain bit of pride in being able to get up to the front. Off I set, boldly exploring the route, pushing a new frontier...

...but then who should I see climbing over some random gate in the trail ahead?

Was it a hasher? an irate horse owner?

No! It turned out to be Ferret?!

I can only guess he was on the Mother of All Short-cuts or he'd got his athelete's foot cream mixed up with his viagra.

The dry regroup left the hashers without anything with which to wet their whistles, though the miserable downpour was probably wetting any whistles, horns or other unlikely musical instruments the participants were unlikely to be carrying.

To cheer everyone up, the hare had laid the end of the trail through nettles, thistles, barbed-wire, electric fences, a small mine-field, the crocodile cage of a local zoo and not far from a cave within which an annoyed bear (who'd been frustrated in starting his hibernation) was living.

The trainee R.A. called out Little Pecker, Wipe Clean and G-Force for talking in the circle. Possibly he just thought that this would be a productive solution to finding sinners as he'd only managed to locate two. One of which turned out to be himself and the other, an unlikely pick, turned out the be the honorable scribe.

I'm sure it would have been a lovely trail in the summer...

Thanks Drift,

On On!


Post-Script: The On Inn was the White Hart at Witley (literally Witley rather than Wormley nr. Witley). This had received a zero star hygiene rating which the pub itself slammed as being caused by a 'nanny state'. It's rating is now five star.
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Gaz Morris created an event for Guildford Hash House Harriers. ... See MoreSee Less

Woking beer festival run

November 11, 2017, 10:00am - November 11, 2017, 11:00am

We are resurrecting the BLoW JoB (Beer Lovers of Woking Jogging on Blacktop) run. The hash-style run will start at 10am near Woking Station and finish at the Leisure Centre in time for the 11am sessi...

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For Mondays run it seems there is a charge to park (£2) at Witley station but I don't think it's policed in the evenings. Your call! The On On will be at the White Hart at Witley. They do food till 9pm but they recommend food orders by 8.45pm so I suggest if you want to eat it might be best to phone ahead with your orders 01428 683 695. Apparently Monday is ribs and drink night special deal for a tenner, but other options also available - best to check their website. On On Drift. ... See MoreSee Less

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Can someone tell Pocket Rocket I have his t-shirt that Kelinchi ordered! Ta ... See MoreSee Less

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I give you the new: Boozy Floozy Award ! In honour/honor of Drinkerbell for all her enthusiasm and stoic resistance (not) to alcohol! Happy Hashy Adventures to you! ... See MoreSee Less

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Run: 1696
Location: Guildford College
Hare: Drinkerbell
On Inn: King's Head

It was Rinkerball's last dram... Drunkenbull last ran?!? No, wait, I've got it! - Drinkerbell's last run.

The whole hash turned out in red mess dress to tingle her bell which had apparently tolled. Alice-d most of them tried.

When I came into the car-park I saw Lady Chatterly giving some lip to Wally. I'm not sure what it was a-pout though.

Carl Lewis had once written a book on the banks of the Wey and this was to be the theme of the run.

Gnawdick had the colour right but got stuck in the male. Little Pecker chalked his top up to experience before Camping Gaz got his address correct. The White Rabbit had come as Little Pecker. Rupert the Bear turned up fashionably late in a waist-coat dressed as the White Queen - Lady Garden. The former rabbit was sent off in his onesie to prepare free drinks for all at one of the stops.

There was some great fancy dress. The winner was 'Soon to be named' Julian - who came as a cheerleader. I was going to award joint 2nd place to Simple, Loose Article, Camping Gaz, 3shillings n' 4pence, Mind the Tracks, Wally, Ben and OTAHO, but under pressure from Wipe Clean and C-O-M-T Ollie - Cock-pit was upgraded to 2nd class. This meant that Tweedle-dum and Dee were pushed out of a podium place.

Visitors were Hash Flash and Jelly Bean (or Chillie Willy as he prefers to be called).

The were to be drink stops where grog would be served out with a liberal hand. I'm not sure what the grog was but it looked like a dangerous boojem.

Dr. P and Wally artfully took to decorating the route with cats and ladybirds, which inspired Loose Articles bawdy song that went something along the lines of "I'll bet your bottom dollar that it's like a horses collar..." which is probably appropriate when your going up the mount. I'm sure Cockpit could have joined the mile high club by the time we'd summited. I heard that Early Entry couldn't get it up.

Whilst galumphing around Guildford we visited the following local landmarks:

* Stoke Park walled ornamental gardens.
* Stoke Park model boating lake.
* G-live.
* Statue of George Abbot (Archbishop of Canterbury from 1611 to 1633).
* Holy Trinity Church.
* Guildford Castle.
* Yvonne Arnaud theatre/Mill Studio.
* Alice and the White Rabbit statue at Millmead.
* Lewis Carrol's grave, Mount Cemetery.
* Guildford Cathederal.

By the time we'd reached the Cathederal, there was wide-spread consensus that enough was enough. However, navigation is always a difficult art and nobody seemed to return to the start the same way.

Heard along the way -

Pack: Are you?
MTT: I can't find anything, so what do they expect me to shout?
: Maybe 'checking' or 'looking'?
MTT: Why? there's no flour.
: We aren't looking for flour - it's marked with chalk.

The circle at the end saw the introduction of new songs which were generously described as a triumph of hope over experience.

There was a pentad of tossers - Dr. Pussy, Lady Chatterly, Early Entry, Bods and MTT. I'm not sure whether they fell down a rabbit hole though.

Amazingly something did happen to OTAHO. Sadly I failed to write down what this was.

The new trophy - the Boozy Floozy was unveiled and a smaller mock-up presented to the Lairy Fairy. No Win, No Fee and Litle Mincer joined us at the end up for a perfect hash.

To "What-you-may-call-er!" or "What-was-her-name!"
But especially "Thing-um-a-jig!"

"Guildford Hashers and visitors, lend me your ears!
We drink to her health, and we give her three cheers"

On on!

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Steep, muddy, and dark parts tonight....start bringing your torches! ... See MoreSee Less

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Finish line at Bacchus! 😆 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello GH3, run no 1697 18th September will be from Witley Station car park GU8 5TX. Travel down the A283 Petworth Road from the A3 a few miles and take a right turn into Combe Lane (second right turn just after King Edwards school) and right again into the station car park. ON On to be decided. Cheers Drift ... See MoreSee Less

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Party gets real..... ... See MoreSee Less

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Bacchus done 🥂🍾🍷 ... See MoreSee Less

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Heather Paterson are you in Medoc?! Thought your wine race was in Dorking 😂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hey DB Shona Cooper look out for Sydney Thirsty H3 scrambling around The Medoc this weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

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As a tumbling t*sser on Monday, I can vouch that it's now getting dark enough on a hash that running with a torch is a good idea. Some of our newer hashers have already asked for suggestions. Here are a few thoughts and suggestions, but feel free to speak to me or Lee-stuart Evans on a hash. LP's tested more kit to destruction than the rest of the hash put together.

Things to look for:
- a head torch is a good idea as it keeps your hands free
- battery life is important but most torches should last for the length of a hash. It's easier to change batteries in a car park than find a USB charger.
- waterproof is useful but not essential (we do run in all weather).
- brightness is important but too bright is possible. Around 100 lumens should be ample, and won't dazzle other hashers.
- simplicity: when your hands are cold or gloved big simple buttons are easier to operate
- weight: if you're not used to running with a head torch, then one with a pack on the back of the head can be uncomfortable.

- Alpkit.com - bombproof torches at good value (look at the qark or prism).
- Silva - have a look at the Ninox 2 (I love it), or the various Trail Runner models.
- Petzl - well known brand with models to suit every budget. Look at the Actik, Tikka or Reactik models.
- Decathlon - I've not tried it, but their Onnight 410 looks a bargain at £20.
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A few of us went to this earlier this year and had a blast. I'm definitely looking to do it again if anyone fancies joining me? ... See MoreSee Less

NEWS: Opening of registrations this Saturday 09/09 !!! Theme 2018 ... FAR WEST 🤠 ! For more info, find us tomorrow and Saturday @ the Marathon du Médoc 🍷🤩

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Cynthia and Old Mac Nic ... See MoreSee Less

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If anyone's looking for a new GPS watch, this looks like a fantastic deal for £100 - upandrunning.co.uk/tomtom-runner-3-music-and-headphones ... See MoreSee Less

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Run: #1695
Location: Jolly Farmer, Worplesdon
On Inn: The Jolly Farmer
Hares: Dr. Pussy

It was to be a tribute hash for Drinkerbell. A testimonial if you will.

The theme of the Shush hash was Peter Pan.

Was this why Little Fecker had turned up as I Wonder-what Woman, Mac Nic as a Venetian gondolier? Presumably some of the hashers has experimented with LSD in the 60's and that was when they watched the film. There was a Mexican! Loose Article was bedecked in looser articles than ever.

I sensibly chose to be a pirate. I asked my six year old daughter if I could borrow some pirate things from her dress-up box and she gave me a right-hook. Eye patched together something though in the end.

The circle allowed us to introduce Just Andy who gave the unlikely explanation of his presence being a result of just passing-by in his running kit with a head-torch. Having survived his first ordeal, the R.A. then fell upon ScrumBag who had the audacity to suggest she was a returnee.

The trail had only taken five 1.5 kg bags of flour and 7 hours to lay. I suppose Dr. P wanted to avoid the scandal Bods had caused in an earlier hash from the same place. He'd got lost. Dr. P informed us that she had also managed to get lost.

Lady Garden could hardly breath during the run as Poola's pants were so tight. Little Pecker was complaining of lumps in weird places and Drinkerbell that she'd been poked in various places over the weekend. As so often is the case with the modern NHS that at times there was a shortage of blobs.

Such was the beauty of the trail both Just Andy and Camping Gaz fell for the place, or maybe it was the two beers or the bottle of something that was suspiciously unlike water.

OTAHO was hoping to find his happy thought, but presumably didn't as nothing happened.

We were treated to the first real good bit of shiggy for a while. Possibly this is a hint of things to come. Torches are certainly now a requirement.

At the end the it was found a number of hashers were missing the point of the drinking club. Drinkerbell had not only won something she appeared to be sober and vertical, Just Andy seemed to be a runner.

Dangerous had his new shoes on and suddenly everything was right. Except his behaviour that is! The hash is founded on tradition, thirty plus years of running at 7:30 on a Monday, the circle, inn jokes, down-downs and - the consequences of new foot-wear. Shame on him!

Next week the theme of the hash is Alice in Wonderland so people should come in a red dress.

Possibly it's a red dress run so people should come as a character from Alice in Wonderland.

LP's said he was coming as Alice Cooper just incase it was also a glam-rock theme.

Dr. P has now gone 2 days without an accident.

On On!

... See MoreSee Less

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